CoinServer - Masternode Hosting

Terms of service

Hosting service purchased through implies your agreement to the terms of service on this page. Prior to account creation, the customer will be required to agree to the terms of service as provided by


1. At no time will any member of the staff ask you for a private key to your wallet, direct access to your computer, or for you to send funds to your hosted wallet.
2. If requested, and this must be a request from the customer, staff will use teamviewer to assist you. This will require your presence and monitoring of the activities performed by the coin-server staff member. During a teamviewer session, all actions will be explained to you.

Master Nodes

1. uses hardward that is onsite, and offsite to provide your master node hosting.
2. Uptime will be considered against three areas for a guarantee of service.
A. Coin code cannot protect against issues that are a direct result of the code provided by the developers. will provide a timely resolution to this type of an issue. No guarantee is provided for coin code issues. Issues in the coin code that cause downtime will be reported to the developers of the coin for resolution.

B. Hardware will provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee against hardware failure.

C. Network will provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee against network failures.

3. Compensation for downtime will be considered for Hardware and Network failures that exceed the uptime guarantee. The compensation will be provided against the hosting fees for the next month of service as a discount. The amount of the discount will not exceed the total cost of one month of hosting. The discount be for equal time.

A. Example - if your server hosted by has a hardware or network issue that last for one day, you will be given a discount of 1 day on your next months invoice for the hosting of all servers effected.

B. Example - the coin daemon crashes and initiates a full rebuild of the coin chain. No guarantee is given for this as it is a coin code issue. The coin daemon will complete the rebuild and become available as soon as the operation is complete.

Invoicing and Payments

1. Invoices will be emailed to the customers account no earlier than the 1st of each month.
2. Invoices are for the month entering, the customer is paying for the next month of hosting, not the prior month.
3. Invoices are due on the day of receipt from
4. Invoices not paid in full by the 5th of the month will be considered late and subject to a 5% late fee.
5. Invoices not paid in full by the 10th day of the month will result in the suspension of the hosting service. While the server will not be destroyed at this point, this will result in downtime for the master node that will cause the node to fall offline.
6. Invoices not paid by the end of the month will result in an automatic termination of the hosting service for the customers master node.
7. There are exceptions to this:

A. The customer must contact to request an extension in payment. values your business and we will work with you, just ask.

Large Master Node Holders

1. A large master node holder is considered to be anyone with more than 10 master nodes hosted at one time with This is a cumulative total of master nodes, not the number of master nodes on a single coin.
2. Large master node holders must provide a 30 day notice prior to account termination in writing to As we are a small company, this notice is required to allow us to prepare and properly manage the resources required for all users.
3. Enforcement of this is difficult as we do respect your privacy, as a result, once a customer is considered a large master node holder, will request one additional month of payment from the customer. If the account is terminated without the 30 day notice, will not refund the retainer collected. If the 30 day notice is provided, the customer can choose to use the retainer for the last 30 days, or to have the retainer refunded at the end of the period if the month was previously paid for.